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We in this together. Thanks for standing with DAC

#DAC should focus on building active members. Dedicated to the core and we will transform bright minds who initiated this platform to bring out the best in all of us.

*****Important Notice*****
For all donations made via Cash App, please remember to add a note with the following details for your account creation.
1. Name of donor - This can be any unique name to identify you.
2. Your email address - To send you the details of your new account.

-- TeamDac

We thank you all for joining us during our last monthly meeting and just a summary of the discussions we had to remind the community of our activities.
1. June report was explained with how funds flow via the DAC system.
2. July campaigns for victimes of the war and prisoners of the struggle.
- Future Campaigns to support personal projects and loan grants.
3. Fundraising tips and membership building by the whole community.
4. Solving problems within the struggle with simple DAC tools.
Thanking you all for your attendance.

i am an ambassador of DAC we are the 10%

New Update!
We are currently working to make #dactag better and you may notice when uploading a picture or video you may notice the progress bar is not displayed.

Please, don't be alert as its working in the background. Just be patient as it might take 2mins or more depending on the file size while we work on the progress bar.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we shall update you when it is ready. For any further updates, please follow us on DAC Support -@administrator

#dactag Team

DAC is you! DAC is me! together we are DAC✌️

Welcome to DAC Community forum. We have put together this forum to engage our whole community to learn more about DAC.

#dactag is a micro forum and community social networking on which community members post and interact with messages known as "dtags".

Registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Discover DAC go to the main DAC website and register as a member of our community.

"DAC is you, DAC is me"

Welcome to DAC Team Knowhow on #dactag.

We are here to support the community with any technical problems they may have using the DAC website. Please, report any complaints and proposals you have as a member to make DAC a better community.

Team Knowhow also runs a WhatsApp team that manages any queries related to your personal account on DAC. We recommend our members use the DAC WhatsApp tool on the website as protecting your personal information is very important.

For all your general queries and suggestions, we are always here to support you. Follow us @administrator

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